Hire a Resume Writer to Help With a Career Change

resume writer working at a laptop on a wood table topIf you are writing or hiring a resume writer for a career change resume there are a few things you should be aware of. This type of resume will have considerable differences than the average resume, and for good reason. In today’s market where the resume is the foot in the door, perfection is definitely a standard. When you are working towards making a career change you may feel like the game is stacked against you. With a few simple bit of knowledge you can overcome any setbacks.

Avoiding Jargon

My biggest piece of advice is to make sure your resume is free of language unique to your industry. Whether you work in the medical field, education or any other realm, there are certain terms and words that someone in your own industry would understand completely. However, you are now pointing your resume towards HR representatives and hiring officials that will only scratch their heads at those terms. On top of that, if you are applying for positions online you can be sure that your resume may not make it past scanning programs if you are using the wrong words.

Relevant Info Upfront

On an average professional resume, your resume writer will catalog your career history in chronological order. This is what hiring officials are used to seeing and so it is what you should do for a regular resume, as well. However, on a career change resume, you may not have a great deal of experience to display. In this case, anything that is relevant should be towards the top of the resume in a section labeled, relevant work experience. This can include volunteer work, an internship or preceptorship. In your summary of qualification you should clearly list qualifications that can cross level to your desired new position. Also, if you have education that is relevant that should be positioned before any job experience.

Bank on Past Key Achievements

As a resume writer in El Paso, I am skilled at pulling out key achievements from my clients. These are success points that are crucial to writing a good resume. When taking a career change adventure, these key achievements should be highlighted in italics on the resume. They should also be mentioned in the cover letter. Displaying the fact that you helped previous employers increase revenue, efficiency, or make any other improvements is a skill that can be used across any industry. It is important to show potential employers your positive qualities that will cross level to their workplace despite the change in industry.

Hire a Resume Writer at El Paso Professional Resumes

I love writing resumes for clients that are taking a new path. It is a great experience to help clients embark on a new journey in life. A few extra challenge do not change the outcome for El Paso Professional Resumes. If you don’t know where to start please give me a call. As your personal resume writer I can craft the perfect career document for you. Please contact me soon, as my schedule does fill up. The majority of my success comes from writing one project at a time!

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